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Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #2

By Stacy Buck
May 4, 2011 - 22:33

What’s It About?

The new volume of the Eisner Award-winning MOUSE GUARD series continues! Celanawe, honor bound by his loyalty to his Guard Matriarch, accompanies Em, his only living relative to Port Sumac. There they find a mouse just brave or crazy enough to take them across the sea and beyond the record of any map. This long sea voyage gives Em the time to explain to Celanawe about her instance for the journey and how their fates will forever be tied to the Black Axe.


Black Axe #2 is the first Mouse Guard issue I have far. Coming into a story in the middle of a series is always hard, but David and his classic style of writing make it easy. Before I even finished the first page I felt like I was reading a J. R. R. Tolkien story with mice. As a huge Lord of the Rings fan I don’t think I could pay much higher respects to David Petersen and his fantastic story telling.

I’ve watched my two oldest sons (nine and ten) read Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 and Mouse Guard: Winter 1152, and I see now why they get more captivated by these books than any other comic I’ve given them. When I asked what comic they would like on a regular basis they both replied excitedly “Mouse Guard!” I finally decided it was time to get my very own subscription box down at the local comic stop, and I saved a special spot for this series for my kids. I believe there is going to be a fight in our house now to see who reads the issues first. I’m the biggest so hopefully I’ll win.

 The art is mesmerizing and makes me feel like I’m reading a full length version of those awesome maps they put on the first page of a fantasy novel. David Petersen must be a super human, and it seems unfair that one man should be possessed with such fine artistic abilities with the pencil and also be such a great storyteller at the same time. After just one issue I am convinced I need to go back and read this entire series from the beginning.

In issue #2 Celanawe and Em begin by riding a duck into the sea side village of Port Sumac. They quickly enter The Mariners Bell, a local tavern filled with seedy pirates complete with eye patch and rum. They find Conrad, a young captain to be, looking to prove himself and quickly capitalize on a wager between him and another captain named Roarke. Conrad must sail Celanawe and Em to the farthest edges of the map and beyond, to prove his bravery and gain his deceased fathers title of the Captain’s Captain. The next morning Celanawe, Em, and Conrad set sail across the Northern Sea in search of the Black Axe.

David does a fantastic job as you follow the rest of the story through a classic lost at sea tale filled with flashbacks that show insights into the background of the Black Axe. Starry filled nights and even a giant sea monster complete the aura. The ending is a cliff hanger that leaves you in bated breath.


Mouse Guard is the cutest comic I’ve ever read. I see now what I’ve been missing. This all age’s comic is fun for everyone. There’s not much you could dislike about this comic. Buy, Read, Bag, Board!

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