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Mighty Avengers #1

By Geoff Hoppe
March 7, 2007 - 21:45


The Sentry looks like he has to potty
This should have been a review of Captain America #25, but you know what? I didn’t buy the issue. I’ve had it. I’m sick of writers mistakenly believing that death and two-bit tragedy are the only ways to take a character in “new and exciting” directions. Death is to the comic book world what five-year plans were to Soviet Russia. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s take on Captain America was a great example of a tired character reinvigorated. Despite this, the boys at Marvel have killed Cap. I don’t see why I’m getting so worked up—after all, in an industry where death has the permanence of a Hollywood marriage, it’s just a waiting game until Steve Rogers returns.


That off my chest, it’s onto Mighty Avengers #1. Don’t laugh. You heard me right. They use the word “mighty” in the title. The only place I ever want to see the word “mighty” is on the wrapper of fast food items fattening enough to put a major artery or a limb out of commission.


The pencils are, actually, Cho’s best to date. His prior work for Marvel was pretty, but had a frustratingly lifeless quality. No more. In Mighty (snort) Avengers #1, the fight scenes are poetry in motion, the cover’s catchy, and even Mole Man looks good. Too bad Frank Cho’s putting his talents to work on a rather odd assortment of heroes…


When you ask a third grader who their favorite superhero is, chances are that most aren’t going to say Wonder Man. Or the Sentry. Or Ares. Or the Wasp. If there’s any writer who can make this team entertaining, it’s Bendis, but he’s (or the editors at Marvel—not sure who picked the characters) stacked the cards against himself with this crew of b-listers. The writing for the issue is clever, however, and Bendis fleshes out Tony Stark’s workaholic playboy image in a mere thirty-two pages.  


Worth the money? If you like these characters, yes. Also if you like Frank Cho.


P.S. When I said I’d had it, I meant it. So long, House of Ideas—make mine Dark Horse.




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