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Marvel Legends Peggy Carter


By Hervé St-Louis
July 3, 2021 - 22:22

Peggy Carter is Captain America’s girlfriend from the 1940s that he let go a life with when he fell into the Arctic ocean and froze in suspended motion for decades. While Peggy Carter is often used in flashbacks in Marvel Comics, he role in the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) was increased. She was the liaison officer responsible for recruiting Steve Rogers, a love interest, a capable field agent and spy, and finally, one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D. which she directed into her old age.

This is not the first Peggy Carter action figure. There was one released by JX Toys in the 1:12 scale in 2019 dressed in the same outfit and named Agent Carter. This Hasbro action figure came out several years after the first Captain America movie, the Agent Carter television series, and several appearances of the character in other Marvel films. She is based off actress Hayley Atwell.


The khaki uniform worn by the action figure is like the one in the Captain America First Avenger movie. Her likeness is not based on how the character looked in the Agent Carter television series where she wore other clothing. What’s important to capture the look is the 1940s military hairstyle and the figure has that. What’s missing however, from the hair is a black pin. The lower part of her tunic could have used stronger folds and cuts to better portray such a uniform. The ones that she has are barely visible.


The face is great. The hair too. What is a problem are the hands and the feet. The hands look too masculine for a woman. They are not smooth enough and thus appear manly. The feet are too short for the character. She also has what some have called “grandma’s shoes but that is appropriate for the WWII period. A real cut in the back of the skirt would have looked great, instead of the simulated one she has in the back.

Peggy Carter reminds me of the Silver Age Lois Lane action figure from. She had the same retro look and a long skirt that reached below the knees. However, the Lois Lane action figure had a skirt made of fabric which did not limit her lower body articulations.



There is little paint application as most of the colour is in the base plastic used on her tunic, her legs, and hands. Her face uses the face paining technology and looks great, with rosy cheeks. The collar of her shirt has spotty application with spills at the base of the neck. The paint on her feet is not perfect and have skin tone paint spilling on the shoes. There are some very good paint accents on here buttons and other military ornaments on her uniform. There is no shading on her hair. A very nice touch is the panty hose seams on her calves.



Peggy Carter is tiny next to the First Avenger Captain America and other Marvel Legends. She is the shorter recent action figure since the new scale standard used by Hasbro. In my collection, only puck is shorter! She is still taller than the Dagobah Luke Skywalker action figure. She is probably too short for Captain America. At the same time, he is too tall for her. If her height had been increased and his shortened, there could be a happy medium.



Peggy Carter is sometimes stable, sometimes not. Let’s address the issue of her high heels. High heels always make action figures unstable. Hers are flat at the base but still create some imbalance. My first issue with her turned out not to be an issue. He ankle articulations when she arrived were stiff and hard to pivot and bend. The plastic encasing had warped her feet and legs and because she wears a skirt, it was difficult to position her properly. Yet, She held up quite well.


The problems came later in the heatwave where she would fall systematically until I fiddled around with her feet and ankles who were now flexible enough. I was able to rotate her thighs a bit and find the good way to balance her. She has been stable for a week now, so things are good for now. However, I expect her to continue to have problems as the weather changes and the plastic in her ankles is affected.



While she appears to have the standard articulations for a female Marvel Legends action figure, it is hard to determine. Unless the skirt is removed, her hip articulations are not usable. She does have high curls, but it is not easy to twist them. Her head is on a ball joint. She can bend and twist her shoulders and has single elbow articulations. Her elbows also rotate. He wrists twist and bend up and down even though she can hold a gun in her hands.


Her waist twists and is on a ball joint, giving Peggy Carter some range of motion there. She has double knees articulations and ankle pivot and bends. If they had given Peggy Carter a clothe skirt, he articulations and posability would have been incredible. She has better articulations than the DC Direct Silver Age Lois Lane but cannot be used in any dynamic display.  



The entirety of the figure seems to be PVC. Like I mentioned above, it gave me problems during the heatwave with the figure’s joint loosing and causing her to fall.



Because she comes in a set, most of the props and weapons belong to Steve Rogers. She can use the riffle, the handgun, and the shields. I like to give her the antique shield and let Captain America have the unpainted prototype. She looks very aggressive with the riffle but great with the handgun. The only issue is that the handgun’s handle is a bit too large for her hands. Except for the helmet and the second Steve Rogers’ head, she can use all of the other props in the set. Having said that, if you want to put the extra Steve Rogers’ head on her body, you are welcome to do this.



Peggy Carter came in a huge package next to Steve Rogers Captain America. It is a comic styled package even though the versions of the characters displayed inside are from the films.



This set was originally released for $50 USD. It currently is on special on Amazon for $34.20USD but for how long. Amazon plays with the price of these products constantly. I bought mine for less than $55 Canadian which was a good deal.



Captain America First Avenger and Peggy Carter are exclusive to Amazon. You can not purchase them elsewhere unless you use the secondary market. As Amazon exclusives, it seems that they are not as popular as could be expected and that the retailer has a lot of stock to get rid of.  The set is beautiful but could be limited to collectors who enjoy this version of Captain America, those who want a six inches Peggy Carter action figure, or those wanting to customize them into something else.

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