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Who's Who - Koppy McFad

By Hervé St-Louis
July 27, 2012 - 14:43

Koppy McFad is one of the earliest ComicBookBin writer and has been writing since June 2003. Koppy is mostly a DC Comics reviewer and one of the best reviewer of comics in the comic book industry. I don’t write this lightly. Koppy McFad is a better writer than me and most people I have read in comics. Koppy can review a book in three mere paragraphs yet inform the reader about what the book is about, where it’s been and what it’s trying to accomplish, while sharing his views on the actual comic book in brief but thoughtful lines. Whereas most writers stumble upon themselves to write more copy, Koppy writes the right amount, every times.

Now, here’s a primer about Koppy McFad. Koppy McFad is actually a comic book character and thus the name of the writer that has contributed the best DC Comics reviews in the comic book industry since 2003 is a pen name. Oh, I know exactly who Koppy McFad is. It’s my job to know! But as a professional writer, he prefers to keep his identity secret, much like the comic book super heroes he covers.

All I can say about Koppy as a person, is that he is the extremely professional and self effacing. He’s not writing reviews for fame and fortune. He’s doing it as a professional, even though it’s a hobby for him. In private exchanges, Koppy is always remorseful and apologetic, which I always wonder why. He’s been writing for ComicBookBin for so long and consistently, I’m the one who’s honoured to work with him.

These days, Koppy McFad’s articles are rarer, but I never despair long. Life gets in the way, and when such a professional writer deigns to contribute to ComicBookBin I take what I can get. You will find many of Koppy’s work in the DC Comics section. That’s what he specializes in. When you read his articles, pay attention to his style and the grace and simplicity with which he puts lines together. Then, ask yourself if you’ve read a comic book reviewer write so simply yet convey so much depth and clarity. Koppy, thank you for showing me for so many years what good comic book reviewing is.

Who's Who @ComicBookBin is a feature celebrating the 10th anniversary of ComicBookBin where publisher Hervé St-Louis features writers past and present that have contributed to ComicBookBin over the years.

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