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Invincible # 62

By Hervé St-Louis
May 28, 2009 - 21:10

Invincible continues to fight the Viltrumite envoy that was sent to dispose of him so they could invade the Earth. Invincible seems to have met his match too. His opponent appears to be vastly stronger and more powerful and is on the verge of killing him. Not even his younger brother, Kid-Omni-man can help in this fight. With everything going wrong for Invincible and Earth, is there anything or anyone that can save the day?

Ok, few months ago, I criticized Invincible for not shaking its status quo. The very next issue, everything was shaken. Kirkman continues this issue and really raises the ante. We know the title character is not supposed to die or be permanently disabled, but except for the zombie cyborgs lurking in the corner, I don’t see how he’ll get out of this mess alive. And that’s a good thing, when readers cannot take anything about a titled character for granted. Now, I asking myself if I didn’t ask for too much when I wanted the invincible universe to be shaken up?

I ask myself often if Ottley will ever get equal billing to creators Kirkman and Cory Walker. When I think of Invincible, I don’t think of Walker’s interpretation. I think of Ottley’s. He’s defined the character and his universe for me. After delivering months after months of work on this series, it would be just for him to be acknowledged as an equal creator of Invincible, even if he did not draw the first issues.

Rating: 8 /10

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