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Review: Green Lanterns #21


By Philip Schweier
Apr 19, 2017 - 8:57

The GLs face off against perennial bad guy, Doctor Polaris, the DC Universe analog to Marvel’s better-known Magneto. Sure they’re very similar, but that can be said about any number of characters in the two publisher’s libraries.

In a massive fit of rage, Polaris brings his magnetic abilities to bear in a crisis so dire, it amazes me that the GLs were the only heroes to respond. No reason is given why such major muscle as Superman, Supergirl, Dr. Fate, or Captain Marvel/Shazam are unavailable. Even if it showed them handling the fallout from the crisis, I would have been satisfied.

The issue ends on a note that has been a long time coming, and hopefully it will help lay to rest some concerns I have for the Green Lantern franchise. Time will tell.

Last issue, artists Eduardo Pansica and Julio Ferreira were channeling their inner Neal Adams, and now Rocha, Henriques and Prado are doing the same. I hope this isn’t some mandate from DC editorial” “We can’t afford to pay Neal to draw a monthly book, so we want you guys to imitate him instead.” It would be an insult to the artists, and insult to Neal Adams, and an insult to the readers.

Nevertheless, I’m digging it!

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