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Green Lantern #17 Review

By Alexander Jones
February 20, 2013 - 16:44

When I think of the Green Lantern titles one word comes mind, messy. Messy encompasses the strange amount of dangling plot threads, villains, heroes in this saga. Volthoom has been released and the Wrath Of The First Lantern has begun sweeping up all of the titles. The conclusion to this saga is anyone's guess because after this event the status quota of the Green Lanterns is unlikely to ever truly be the same again.

In 22 pages the last issue of Green Lantern proper featured a talking squirrel, a touching, a trip to the afterlife and redemption for the Green Lantern known as Simon Baz who has suddenly completely engulfed this book. A lot has been happening and it is happening fast and incredibly loose.

A storyline like this is hard to pass judgement on because it completely relies on the endgame to wrap up all of the dangling threads and leave the reader truly satisfied with end product. The question then for the reader would be will they enjoy this individual comic? The answer is simple if you have been reading Green Lantern up to this point. For those that have the answer is a resounding yes. Those that have not will find themselves thrust into the middle of a story building for nine years.

Green Lantern New Guardians and Green Lantern Corps. show some character and restraint that elevate those characters. Green Lantern New Guardians really shows how Kyle Rayner has evolved over the years. Starting as a replacement Green Lantern and then becoming one of the strongest Green Lanterns with ripe with so many incredible emotions. Rayner almost beats Volthoom at his own game by himself.

The Green Lantern franchise has continued to evolve into something rife with potential and incredible. Geoff Johns along with writers Pete Tomasi and Tony Bedard have made this side of the Green Lantern universe endlessly exciting. Artist Doug Mahnke has crafted very unique imagery that will stick with the franchise in this next evolution and for years to come.

Although the Green Lantern corner of the New 52 is coming to a creative end, the titles will retain the resilience and beauty until they hit issue 20.

Rating: 9 /10

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