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Green Lantern #46

By Andy Frisk
September 30, 2009 - 19:31

Hal and Indigo-1 arrive at Zamaron in time to help Carol Ferris, a Star Sapphire once again, battle some Black Lanterns. Indigo-1, the Indigo Tribe’s leader, has shown Hal how to immobilize a Black Lantern, and he in turn shows Carol. Things get out of hand though, and the Violet Power Battery is shattered. Indigo-1 gathers Hal, Carol, and Sinestro, who was freed last issue from a Zamaron cell and fought with Carol, and transports them all to Korugar. Korugar is Sinestro’s home world and current home world to Mongul, who has attempted to usurp Sinestro’s position as leader of the Sinestro Corps. Obviously, a major battle awaits…


The War of Light continues as Blackest Night chugs along. The buildup to the mini-event of Sinestro vs. Mongul has chugged along for some time as well, and the payoff really doesn’t deliver. It doesn’t disappoint, mind you, but the battle’s final solution really isn’t all that inspired or original. What is original is the Green, Violet, Indigo, and Yellow corps all working together, sort of. Hal and Carol obviously fall in sync with one another, especially since Carol is in control of her powers this time, and while Sinestro doesn’t really cooperate, per se, the foundations of a seemingly necessary alliance of the various corps against the Black Lantern Corps, are laid.

Mahnke keeps up the great, highly detailed work in this issue. The battle between Sinestro and Mongul is very well choreographed and the detailed horrors inflicted on the people of Korugar, shown in the background, are pretty horrifically detailed, but not gorily. When considered all together, Mahnke and company put together a very solid, detailed, and highly kinetic series of backgrounds and battles.

Overall, the “uneasy alliance” of Hal, Carol, and Sinestro really hasn’t collated, but it appears that there will have to be one. It really will be uneasy if Sinestro, Hal, and Carol have to work together long term to meet the threat of The Blackest Night, as just a few years ago, (probably just months in comic book time) Hal had to save the universe from Sinestro. The idea of Sinestro and Hal working as allies should be considered blasphemy, but the need to survive might end up making for strange bedfellows.

Rating: 7 /10

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