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Green Arrow and Black Canary # 24

By Koppy McFad
October 6, 2009 - 04:53


    Black Canary helps the murderous Cupid escape from jail in order to save her from the equally-murderous Big Game.

   In the process, the two ferocious females do a poor imitation of "Thelma and Louise" running from the police. This is cut short by the (non-surprise) appearance of Big Game and the reappearance of a supporting character.

   This is one of the most wasteful comics in years. About two pages are squandered on a totally unrelated interlude between two lesbians which seems to be thrown in just so DC Comics can titillate us with a girl-on-girl kiss. And then four pages are used up on scenes of somebody flying in a plane back to Star City and flirting with a cowboy. This isn't just decompressed storytelling. This is just plain rambling on. And even while precious panel space is frittered away on these trifles, parts of the comic which actually advance the story are clipped and cut short. Black Canary apparently kills a pair of cops in order to protect Cupid and Big Game is taken down rather easily, which makes him look like a rather trifling threat.

   The art at least makes the story easy to follow and although the action scenes are crammed into too little space, they still pack some excitement. It is just that the characters aren't interesting. They seem to do things almost randomly. The creative team is struggling to turn Cupid into a lovable, madcap villainess, like Harley Quinn but she just comes off as an irritating, creepy killer. Big Game does show some promise with his intense ruthlessness, even if he is just a carbon copy of Kraven the Hunter.

Rating: 4 /10

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