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Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds # 2 (of 5)

By Koppy McFad
November 7, 2008 - 22:45





















The three versions of the Legion of Superheroes finally meet in this issue. But the story is so packed with action and detail that the gathering of the three teams is almost anti-climactic. There is a jailbreak from Mordru's dungeon, a pitched battle between one hero and all of the major Legion villains, heated bickering between Legion members, Superboy-Prime leading an attack on Earth and even Brainiac 5 arguing with himself.

Amazingly, the creative team pulls it off. They successfully bring together so many different characters with such complicated histories --- all without weighing the story down with these background material. Part of the success is due to the breakneck pace of the story that does not allow the reader to rest as he is pulled along by the plot. Part of it is also due to the dialogue which reveals enough details of the situations and characters to make us understand what is happening. Part of it is also due to "footnotes" inserted in the story to tell us who is who. And a very large part of it is due to the art which is highly detailed but is also easy to follow and to understand. DC Comics chose wisely when they got George Perez to do the pencils for this book as no one else could possibly pull this off.

The Legion of Superheroes has been a troubled franchise in recent years with numerous re-boots and revamps that have left it unrecognisable to old fans while failing to attract new readers. In the end of this miniseries, we will likely see all three Legions combined into one team that will be more acceptable to readers. But in the meantime, the creative team can be credited with crafting a comic book that is entertaining enough on its own, one that will delight old readers and will engage new ones, regardless of whether they care about old characters like the White Witch or Rond Vidar.



Rating: 9 /10

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