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Dirty Pair Part 1

By Chris Zimmerman
November 29, 2010 - 09:29

If old school is cool, then Dirty Pair would have to be considered among the coolest series out there. The reverential series has been relegated to cult status in recent years but its influence and popularity is still felt in the anime community. RightStuf/ Nozomi recently obtained the rights to release the series and have done so with gusto with a full on remastering of the original video and audio.

Dirty Pair first hit Japanese airwaves in 1985 courtesy of Sunrise, the studio that would go on to later deliver what many consider to be the quintessential series in Cowboy Bebop. The series made quite a splash with a span of 24 episodes, a movie, another series, and even a slew of American comics based on the franchise. While this may seem like nothing considering ventures into other media sources is par for the course with most hits but considering Dirty Pair’s age of 25, it’s quite the feat.   

Dirty Pair transports audiences into the very near future of the 22nd century wherein humanity has extended its reach to the stars. Major advancements in technology have improved the quality of life. As a means of keeping the peace, a galactic police agency sets about assigning special agents to protect the galaxy from various crimes.

One certain duo is known for their results. Dubbed the Dirty Pair, Kei and Yuri are as beautiful as they are dangerous and aren’t afraid to flaunt it, evident by their clothing or lack thereof. The two are also the polar opposites of each other in terms of personality. Whereas Yuri is rational and a clear thinker, Kei is loud mouthed and impetuous. The differences in their personalities are night and day but that’s what gives their relationship a breath of realism lacking in most series.

The series falls on the episodic side, opting not to focus on a central arc. This is probably the biggest difference in today’s storytelling and that of yesteryear. This is not to say that this is detrimental to the series but it will turn off some accustomed to longer arc based series with a central focus. On the positive side, there really isn’t a dud to be found in this set but then again, the show does stick to a strict formula that dwells on the repetitive side.

It should also be noted the show falls into the category of fanservice. Judging by the girl’s attire, this should be evident from the get go. The difference between Dirty Pair and younger series is Dirty Pair doesn’t just hang its hat on it. The series doesn’t rely on it so much as it’s an added bonus of sorts and adds to material as a reflection of the duo’s personalities.

RightStuf gives the series the proper treatment it deserves, with a refurbishing that gives Dirty Pair a vibrant look. Unfortunately, the age of the series does show in the animation, and while it can’t hold a candle to recent series, it’s a solid effort for its time and holds up better than more well-known franchises such as Gundam, ironically enough another Sunrise production. Sadly, RightStuf opted out of including a booklet, which the company is known for.

Dirty Pair is one of the few series that genuinely earns its status as classic. While its not as fondly remembered as some shows from that era, its mix of action and energy make it a worthy addition to the libraries of animation fans.


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