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Chibi Vampire: Airmail

By Chris Zimmerman
Aug 27, 2010 - 13:53

Vampires seem to be all the rage these days, appearing in every sort of media there is from cinema to literature. Given the renewed appeal in the bloodsuckers it only makes sense that they would show up in manga as well. Chibi Vampire, despite featuring a vampire as the main protagonist, opts for a more unconventional approach on the genre, featuring a character that has to inject blood into others due to having too much.

Created Yuna Kagesaki, Chibi Vampire isn’t really big on horror as one would expect from a series dealing with vampires. In case the “chibi” in the title didn’t tip you off, the series is more comedy oriented though it does tend to stray to a more serious side at times. The series developed a cult following in America and has continued to rise in popularity despite having completed its run back in 2008.

Chibi Vampire: Airmail is akin to an encore. Though not quite a follow up, it’s more of a one off that fans of the previous series can enjoy. The volume is comprised of a collection of shorts, in which new characters are introduced and fan favorites return to deliver more of what is expected of the series. Those who are already familiar with the series will find Airmail much more accessible than those who are just discovering Chibi Vampire for the first time.

The artwork is reminiscent of that of the previous series, which should please established readers. While it’s not exactly the best art to grace a manga, it’s easy to understand its appeal, throwing together cute characters and gothic designs that would ordinarily contrast with one another, though Kagesaki finds a way to make it seem like a perfect fit.

Chibi Vampire: Airmail isn’t essential. The stories feature an entertaining mix of surreal supernatural and comedy that really does little to add to what has come before. Fans of the series will no doubt want to pick it up to revisit the characters they have come to love but for everyone else, it would be best to start from the beginning.

Rating: 7.5 /10

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