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Captain America Reborn #3 of 5

By Hervé St-Louis
Sep 22, 2009 - 6:36

This issue continues the reintegration of Captain America into the Marvel universe. While Captain America relives his days on ice and his fight against the Skrulls during the Kree / Skrull war, the Falcon rescues the current Captain America and Sharon Carter, Captain America’s murderer and ex-girlfriend allows herself to be captured by Norman Osborn. Will the other Avengers rescue her in time?


I really cannot get into this series. It’s not enjoyable and a stark difference from the one Brubaker wrote just before this mini-series. It feels like one of those stories where the writer goes into the motion to depict something only to reach a specific goal in the end. However, he doesn’t seem to enjoy himself doing it and adds nothing to make the trip interesting or captivating for the reader. We all know Captain America will return by the end of this series, but as a reader, I don’t care about how Brubaker is doing it because from the onset he made everything confusing with this temporal anomaly thing he pulled out of a hat. It feels like I’m suffering every time I open this mini-series to read it. In the end I don’t even care about what’s happening, I just want the writer and his team to get it over with.

Putting  Hitch on a series, means the publisher believes in this project. What it really does is salvage the sales on this series by putting a popular artist to rescue the mess that this mini-series has become. It’s also a sharp change from the mood of the regular series, even if Guice is still part of the team. Perhpas they should have kept the same colourist who did a masterful job of differencing this series on the store shelves for several years, instead of relying on an artist that makes Hitch look good.

Rating: 4 /10

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