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Batman and Robin #18 Review

By Alexander Jones
March 13, 2013 - 20:26

Batman and Robin #18 is a special issue, it is also a comic book that will read very fast. However the content contained within the pages will send you on an emotionally roller-coaster. This series has been centered exclusively on the relationship of Batman and Robin, also known as Bruce Wayne and Damian. Since Batman and Robin has always been a character piece this book functions perfectly as a requiem title. With the the death of a main character this comic book has had it's figurative heart ripped out and smashed. Watching Alfred and Bruce struggle with the loss throughout the issue is going to be moving for any fan. Pete Tomasi also made the incredibly wise decision of letting the art breath, this book is completely silent with no sound effects or voices. Patrick Gleason delivers such stunning artwork that makes concise and clear use of the silent script.

Delving into the exact sequences of the comic book would be a disservice to the reader. Batman and Robin 18 is an issue that needs to be experienced. A comic book is best when the writing, art, and dialogue completely synthesize into a cohesive whole. This issue is a product of the aforementioned glory. A comic book like this will age well despite continuity because of the clear sense of emotion depicted. However, readers of Batman Inc. will be treated to a greater emotional response within these pages. A scene from Batman Inc. #7 is referenced here. For a greater emotional punch enjoying the Batman Inc. series will give greater effect.

A fair review of the issue would not be complete without mentioning the extraordinary colors of John Kalisz and the stellar inking of Mick Gray. The orange and black color tones are consistent with the rest of the series and are implemented masterfully within these pages. Mick gray has softer inks that keeps the Gleason pencils in line with greatness.

While many characters in comic books come and go by the means of resurrection and death, it's an issue like this that will sell readers on the concept and allow a beloved character to stay dead. By the end of this issue there is no true silver lining. Even after all of that grieving Damian Wayne is still dead. Emphasis on his death is placed in the entire Bat Family this month. While in the coming months or years it is more likely that a new Robin will eventually come along, this comic book is about crawling from the wreckage.

When a comic book truly utilizes the medium a masterpiece like Batman and Robin #18 is created. For any writer to evoke a sense of loss this devastating is truly incredible. A perfect score is awarded to the best collaboration between Tomasi and Gleason on a Batman title.

Rating: 10 /10

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