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Avengers vs. X-Men #12 Review

By Alexander Jones
October 4, 2012 - 13:01

Warning: This review contains spoilers!

Avengers Vs X-Men
#12 is a big issue. There are an absurd amount of plot points in the air. Not to mention the incredible amount of characters that are seemingly glossed over. Important characters like the new Nova have just one scene that shines a vague light on them. Luckily most of the characters are handled with a steady hand thanks to Jason Aaron. The issue opens with a sense of grand scope and an epic novel like soliloquy delivered by Iron Man. Iron Man touches on the war between the Phoenix and the roles that the Scarlet Witch and mutant messiah Hope play in this battle. A lengthy scene covers the ancient mystical city of K'un L'un inhabited by Avengers and X-men alike. Hope and Scarlet Witch have a conversation that becomes heated quickly. Simple words turn into blows and a fight ensues. It's one of the most real character moments in the issue. The comic then shows the revelation that Dark Phoenix, who Scott Summers/Cyclops has become, is causing havoc across the globe. Another strong character moment occurred when the fight seemed hopeless against The Dark Phoenix and The Avengers pressed on with the fight. As a big wonderful character moment for Scott, none other than Jean Grey emerged from the ashes. However this was an illusion illustrated by none other than Hope and The Scarlet Witch. This part of the script was also well written and very interesting. The Phoenix leaves Cyclops and manifests in Hope which proves to be very interesting due to the fact that Hope has been training for this moment for countless hours. Hope heals the torment and fires the manifestation of Dark Phoenix caused. Then, in a truly heroic moment, Hope releases the Phoenix. The mutants that lost their powers during the House Of M event regained them. We are left with a powerful moment of Scott in jail engaged in a heated debate with Captain America..

The most disappointing thing about this issue is Adam Kubert's pencils. They are very inconsistent. Some scenes flash true greatness such as the scenes with Scarlet Witch and Hope have great facial expressions. Some are just lacking like the scene with Cyclops in jail. This finish is exactly what we needed. It houses a few twists and interesting revelations and leaves the Marvel Universe in an interesting place for Marvel Now.

Rating: 7 /10

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