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Avatar on DVD

By Hervé St-Louis
June 8, 2010 - 07:20

Former marine and paraplegic Jake Sully accepts to travel to the planet Pandora, replacing his brother in an experiment that seeks to enable humans to interact with the humanoid life form on in order to negotiate peace and extract the precious unobtainium which resides on the asteroid’s surface. But Sully secretly asked to spy on the Na’vi people inhabiting the planet falls in love with local chieftain daughter Neytiri. Will he betray humans in order to help the Na’vi people protect themselves from the space invaders or will he remain true to his original mission?

Many have said that Avatar is everything that’s wrong with Hollywood these days. That a film company has to invest millions in all types of gadgetry and visual splash to justify bringing audiences to the theatre. That the spending extravaganza covers a weak plot and a story often told. But what does it say about the DVD release of such a movie? I just liked Avatar. I’ve got no complaints with it nor any qualms with the alleged philosophical issues surrounded by the Hollywood institutions that created this blockbuster. Avatar was not meant to be a groundbreaking intellectual piece of art. It’s art alright though, but closer to the average guy and gal. Watching the DVD will allow you to enjoy this movie without the hype of the criticisms of connoisseurs that have visceral issues with this film. I still don’t understand what people have against this film. It seems that because it’s popular, because the story is familiar, because it uses the latest technology to amaze audiences that it’s not good enough for some.

I liked being able to stop and watch individual frames on the screen and marvel at the plants in the forest at night. They really do look awesome, but in the theatre, there was so much happening and anticipation that a lot of the visual wonders of this film were barely noticed by the viewer. That’s why the DVD release of this film exists. My copy had little extras. It was the straight film divided into chapters. I’m not sure if there many editions, but if I have one criticism, it’s the lack of third person commentary from the regular release of Avatar on DVD. Such a magic film deserved more, although the story is enough to captivate and entertain audiences, there is so much that could have been told about the back story and the behind the scenes.

Rating: 8 /10

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