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The Amazing Spider-Man #598

By Hervé St-Louis
June 28, 2009 - 11:46


The identity of the real father of Harry Osborn’s baby is revealed with more gruesome manipulations by girlfriend Lili and Norman Osborn. Spider-Man is being tortured by Bullseye and needs an escape in order to save Harry Osborn.

This issue is a mess. Some of the elements introduced are creepy and disturbing. The identity of the baby’s father is downright gross and something one would expect from a cheesy soap opera. The baby growing inside the monster is as terrible. The cover of this book captures that quite well. This story and the introduction of Lily were all interesting elements, but now, every time I see the character, I cringe. Will next issue feature Spider-Man fighting a pregnant villainess? Maybe I’m a prude and need to ignore the more over the top elements of this comic book series.

As for Harry Osborn, the way he dons the American Son suit at the end of the story is just too convenient and classic comic book suspension of disbelief gone wrong. By the way, the torture scenes with Spider-Man are poor. It’s not that I wanted to see gore. It’s that the gore supposedly happening was poorly hinted at off panel. Last issue, Spider-Man received two arrows in his thighs and doesn’t appear that this even matters or is remembered anymore. Also, if the mask is air tight, how come blood is able to leak through the mask? Moreover, how can Spider-Man even breathe?

I like the artists’ approach to the visuals. That was the strongest part of the comic book and perhaps this was not rated even lower by this reviewer. 

Rating: 5 /10

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