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Gacha Gacha Volume 8

By Avi Weinryb
February 6, 2009 - 08:11

Rated 18+ (Mature content is rather tame, but be warned that this book is not suitable for young minors)

Akira has an incredible talent. He can instantly transform into a female whenever he likes. He uses this trick to befriend Yurika, the love of his life. She is a gorgeous classmate of his, and she works at the local cafe.

In this collected volume of the series, Akira intentionally loses a game of bowling in order to be a 'servant for the day' for three lovely ladies, Yurika included. Her request? She wants to go out somewhere. This is where the gender-switching gimmick gets fun. Akira turns into his alter ego and finds out exactly where Yurika would want to go on a date, (It's the beach) and he proceeds to take her there. As he strives to get closer to Yurika, he finds himself sidetracked by the unwanted advances of a school bully, who is infatuated with Akira's female self. Akira will have to overcome all obstacles and maintain his secret if he intends to woo Yurika. He'll also have to make sure she likes him too!

Tamakoshi's script and illustrations are packed with lots of comedic moments. This is the first manga to ever cause this reviewer to laugh out loud. It's a riot. The protagonist's naked anxieties, combined with his gender-switching talents, dirty-minded grandmother, and gorgeous lady friends make this book a truly fun ride. Akira is a well characterized fellow seeking to get together with the girl of his dreams, and every aspect of his life, including his own biology, make it very difficult. His persistence is endearing if not also inspiring. This manga's 'mature content' is rather tame, but just enough to keep older reader's eyes glued to the page.

The art in this volume is excellent. The illustrator was clearly taking his time. Characters are well conceived, and backgrounds lend depth and detail to each page. When school jock Shinobu is silently struggling with his feelings while on a date with the female version of Akira, the expressions on his face are priceless.

The gender-switching trick does not overwhelm the story, but rather compliments it. The humor in this book is overabundant, and this reviewer challenges anyone to read this book from cover to cover without cracking a wide smile.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 9 /10

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