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Deep Fried #1 (Vol 2)

By Avi Weinryb
August 24, 2007 - 00:42


Jason Yungbluth is a dirty dirty man. He makes comics that make your toes curl. His work is so jam-packed with filth that when you’re done reading an issue of his Deep Fried series, you will need to take a shower. You will also need to visit a chiropractor. You see, while reading an issue, you will likely laugh so hard that you will need to get your spine realigned. Pure comedy gold.


In issue #1 of the second volume of Deep Fried, characters Beepo and Squints are joined by their pal Roadkill, a talking cat. Upon running low on marijuana, the trio hatch a plan to invade Canada - and in exchange for illegally downloaded music, they hope to score a load of decriminalized Canuck cannabis. Complications arise when it is revealed that the Canada they seek to enter is an evil communist state, largely controlled by the evil Kolonel Degrassi, who is conveniently located at the top of a Soviet-style CN Tower in Torontograd.


When an incident at the border throws Beepo, Squints, and Roadkill into an interrogation/torture chamber, the three American invaders will need to use all their wits to escape. And that’s when things get really nutty.


This issue is frenetically paced and filled with enough satirical asides to fill a wheat silo. The book is jam-packed with humour. Even the legal disclaimer’s fine print carries some chuckles. While none of the characters are believable, they clearly were never meant to be portrayed that way. This comic is designed with the intention of providing socio-political commentary and laughs. The jokes are edgy and the targets are very deserving. Yungbluth has a knack for satire.    


In this issue, Yungbluth approaches the art with an understanding that clean lines and organized panel distribution go well with the insanely unhinged narrative content. When a robot celebrity midget pops out of a bodily orifice and walls implode, bold lines and strong perspectives allow the page to express a lot of (filthy) information without compromising quality.


Beyond his Deep Fried shenanigans, the author/artist has contributed to Mad Magazine and DC Comics. A short spoof on Green Lantern appeared in DC’s Bizarro World hardcover.


When reading this issue, watch out for the solid backup stories. The ‘Ghastly Cash’ story is a funny re-imagining of Richie Rich. It mimics the old Harvey Comics illustrations perfectly and contains one of the funniest lines I have read in a long time (page 4, panel 4!). Sorry about the tease, but his site is an all-ages publication.


Judging by the quality of his comic output, Yungbluth is a smart guy making smart-ass books. And did I mention how dirty they are?


8.75 / 10


Visit to learn more about Jason Yungbluth and his work.




Avi Weinryb is an editor and feature writer at The Comic Book Bin


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