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New Yamato Figures based on Fantasy Artwork
By The Editor
Jun 21, 2008 - 7:43

Imagine.  Imagine your own personal gallery filled with the works of legendary fantasy artists brought to full, three-dimensional life by the world’s finest sculptors.  Imagine your fingers passing over the delicate details of each piece, marveling at the unsurpassed quality.  Now imagine the overwhelming satisfaction in knowing you acquired this amazing collection for far less than you would ever have expected… even in your wildest of fantasies.  Imagine the Fantasy Figure Gallery.


Fantasies Made Reality

Yamato USA, in association with Yamato Co., Ltd., announces  the Fantasy Figure Gallery.  Our Fantasy Figure Gallery is a unique union of East and West as the leading portrait sculptors of Asia deliver the worlds of legendary fantasy artists from Europe and the Americas as only they are capable.  What really excites us about this collection, though, what makes it so truly groundbreaking, is that we are able to make these gallery quality pieces affordable for all.  Similar pieces may cost up to $350, but we’re bringing them to you for less than $100.  How’s this possible?


Resin Quality, PVC Price

One word:  Plastics.  We know what you’re thinking.  PVC’s not the stuff of genuine quality product.  It shrinks, it deforms, and it loses detail.  For over a decade, though, Yamato has been on a quest, a quest for quality.  Through advanced mold engineering, PAD printing, painting techniques, and stringent quality control, Yamato has minimized shrinkage, deformation, and rough, unsightly parting lines, as well as revolutionized paint applications.  The end result:  resin quality figures made affordable through advanced PVC technology.  But that is only part of this new, amazing collection.


East-West Dream Team

We are further excited to present an incredible dream team of artists and sculptors assembled from around the world.  We are humbled to welcome the talents of legendary fantasy artists Luis Royo, Dorian Cleavenger, Julie Bell, and Boris Vallejo whose works are brought to life by sculptors Shungo Yazawa, Plant-jzero Moekichi, and Heavy Gauge’s Tobe.  Imagine no more as your Fantasy Figure Gallery becomes reality with Luis Royo’s Medusa sculpted by Shungo Yazawa, Dorian Cleavenger’s Akira by Plant-jzero Moekichi, and Boris Vallejo’s Monica’s Axe by Heavy Gauge’s Tobe with more to come.

Stay tuned as next week we reveal the first piece in this incredible collection.  And for more information on Yamato’s other fine products, visit us at

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