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The Signifiers #1
By Leroy Douresseaux
April 11, 2010 - 13:06

M.R. Neno Productions
Writer(s): Michael Neno
Penciller(s): Michael Neno
Inker(s): Michael Neno
Letterer(s): Michael Neno
$4.95 US, 48pp, B&W

The Signifiers #1 cover image

One of the first things that captured my imagination about comic books was that the pictures they held within their flimsy covers were strange and were full of weird looking things.  The thing that has kept me reading comic books for pretty much every year of my life since I was seven (except for about three or four years) is that they are fun to read – even when I don’t completely understand what they are trying to tell me.

Self-publisher, cartoonist, letterer, and comic book creator Michael Neno has just published The Signifiers #1.  This comic book exemplifies what I wrote of in my opening paragraph.  I don’t understand it all, but, boy, am I interested in this comic book.  This old-school, black and white comic book is set in a whacked out universe.  The focus is Splash, a Summer of Love era-like black youth who must either obey or fight a mysterious force called The Voyst.

If Jack Kirby and Paul Pope had ever gotten drunk together and produced a comic book, The Signifiers would be it – complete with Stan Lee’s obtuse, sometimes fumbling dialogue.  Reading The Signifiers #1 reminded me of the first time I read Love & Rockets (either #8 or #9 of the first volume) in that, like early L&R, The Signifiers has a look that is old, but also new in a strange and exotic way.  This first issue also offers two backups; those and the main story make this a delightful read for those readers who want an unusual mixture.  And this is Underground Comix and bizarre superhero turned into a strange new thing.


Copies of The Signifiers can be ordered by sending a check or money order for $7.20 ppd. ($7.53 for Ohio residents), $4.95 for each additional copy, to M.R. Neno Productions, P.O. Box 151303, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Copies can also be ordered via PayPal:
Twitter account: nenoff


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