DC Comics
Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle # 3 (of 4)
By Koppy McFad
Mar 11, 2006 - 4:47

DC Comics
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Penciller(s): Freddie Williams II
Inker(s): Freddie Williams II
Cover Artist(s): Freddie Williams II

Shilo Norman, who has taken Scott Free's title, jumps from one alternate reality to another, getting a glimpse of what his life might have been. It is a clever device but it is also something of a cheat especially since the last issue left us with a helpless, crippled Norman with no hope in sight. This whole "alternate reality" thing has been used too often and once the reader sees it, he knows that nothing in the story should be taken too seriously. The art is a saving grace however, helping the reader to navigate through the swiftly-changing worlds that Shilo "lives through" every so often. Morrison's use of obscure continuity details may also please old-timers. But in the end, the story doesn't really say anything.

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