Rough Stuff #9
By Leroy Douresseaux
August 25, 2008 - 13:46

TwoMorrows Publishing
Writer(s): Bob McLeod, Tim Townsend
Penciller(s): Joe Jusko, Mel Rubi, Scott Williams, Rob Haynes
Cover Artist(s): Joe Jusko
$6.95, 96pp, B&W, magazine

Rough Stuff #9 cover painting by Joe Jusko

In his “Scribblings from the Editor,” the column that opens each issue of the magazine Rough Stuff, Editor Bob McLeod tells the readers of Rough Stuff #9 that this most recent issue is going to be a change of pace – at their request.  Like previous issues of Rough Stuff, issue 9 offers a look at the art behind comic book art – sketches, studies, preliminary art, etc. – but this time, McLeod presents more text for reading.

McLeod conducts extensive interviews with painter Joe Jusko (a frequent Marvel Comics cover artist) and famed inker Scott Williams (Jim Lee’s longtime inker).  Inker Tim Townsend (previously interviewed by Bob McLeod) takes the interview chair to review one of his pal, under-the-radar comic book artist, Rob Haynes (Daredevil).  McLeod also conducts a short interview of Mel Rubi (Spider-Man/Red Sonja), one in a long line of talented Filipino comic book artists.

There’s lots to read, but the best article is McLeod’s rumination on the current state of inking in comic book art, entitled “Inkers, Who Need ‘Em?!”  It’s a short, concise piece on the changes in how comic book pencil art has been inked over the last four decades.  McLeod has also illustrated his article with several examples of famous penciller/inker team ups in which the inker greatly contributed to a signature visual style that many readers now attribute solely to the penciller, including Frank Miller & Klaus Janson and Frank Miller & Josef Rubinstein.

It’s a surprising change of pace for Rough Stuff #9.  It’s artists talking to artists, and all that conversation might prove valuable to budding comic book artists.

To see art that Bob couldn’t include in Rough Stuff because of space considerations go to

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