DC Comics
By Koppy McFad
May 17, 2004 - 16:50

DC Comics
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Penciller(s): Adriana Melo and Dan Green
Cover Artist(s): Adam Hughes


This is a new take on a concept that has been bumping around DC since the 1940s. The troubled Rhosyn Forrest is confined to a sanitarium for girls, still traumatized by the death of her cop-father at the hands of a mysterious syndicate. An ambitious doctor uses her as a guinea pig for a new form of therapy which seemingly encourages Rhosyn to put all her anger and bitterness into a separate personality to be called, "Thorn." It actually sounds as if the good doctor is trying to cure a neurosis with a psychosis.

Simone takes her time with her story-tellling, giving us a good look into the conflicts within the sanitarium rather than the cheesecake vigilanteism that was the theme of the 1970s "Rose and Thorn" feature. Sadly, Thorn doesn't get to bust out till the end of this comic and she never does go after the syndicate in this issue. For now at least, this title looks more like "Girl Interrupted" than "Dirty Harry."

Melo and Green do give a sense of action to the story, even when there isn't any actual violence on-panel. The art seems a pleasing blend of Tom Grummet, Ed Benes and some of the other South American artists.

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