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Ubisoft Releases More Rabbids Go Home Screens And Trailers
By Eli Green
Aug 13, 2009 - 16:00

Ubisoft released the latest in its series of artwork, screenshots and “orientation” trailers for Rabbids Go Home today. The new trailers and screenshots all centre around the Human characters in the game; the poor neurotic humans.



The Humans all live and work pretty similarly. They busy themselves with their occupations, do like everyone else does, and try to satisfy any void in their lives by filling it with stuff. Any stuff! They live the “shop till you drop” lifestyle to the fullest, buying more than they could ever need.


You'll find out more about the Humans by watching the trailers.

Rabbids Go Home Character Gameplay Featurette 2

Rabbids Go Home Mini-Series Part 2: Meet the Humans



Rabbids Go Home will be releasing this holiday season for Wii and Nintendo DS and is not yet rated.

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