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Way of the Rat # 21
By The Editor
January 10, 2004 - 11:23

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Sometimes, you really don't want what you think you do.

Take Boon Sai Hong, for example. Last month, the bumbling thief made a wish, asking to know where his friends Jao and Yan had disappeared to...and thanks to a mischievous magical doll, Boon and his monkey mentor Po Po were teleported to a vast cave. The good news is, that's where Jao and Yan were...even better, the cave was filled with treasure! But, you guessed it, it also had a very angry -- and big -- guardian!

Can the Jade Rat evade the claws of this mammoth monster? Or will Po Po finally be rid of his disappointing student? Find out on January 14th, when writer Chuck Dixon, penciler Luke Ross, inker Tom Ryder and colorist Chris Garcia present WAY OF THE RAT #21!

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