Platinum End: Volume 3 manga review
By Leroy Douresseaux
Aug 12, 2017 - 16:26

Viz Media
Writer(s): Tsugumi Ohba Stephen Paul
Artist(s): Takeshi Obata
Letterer(s): James Gaubatz
ISBN: 978-1-4215-9208-4
$9.99 US, $12.99 CAN, £6.99 UK, 208pp, B&W, paperback
Rating: M (Mature)

Platinum End Volume 3 cover image

Rated “M” for “Mature”

Orphan Mirai Kakehashi is tired of life, so he attempts suicide by jumping from the roof of a building.  Instead of dying, Mirai is saved by an angel named Nasse.  Through her, Mirai learns that 13 humans have been chosen as candidates to replace God.  Each has a guardian angel, and Nasse is Mirai's, but one candidate is hunting the rest.

As Platinum End, Vol. 3 (Chapters 7 to 9) opens, Mirai and fellow “God” candidate, Saki Hanakago, meet another candidate, Nanato Mukaido, who is dying of cancer.  Being a candidate will only save him if he is chosen “God” before he succumbs to the disease, which is unlikely.

Mukaido wants to make the world a better place, and to do that he believes he must kill Metropoliman, the candidate who is not only a superhero, but is also the killer stalking other “God” candidates.  To further complicate matters, Metropoliman is also empowering the mysterious “Girl A.”

THE LOWDOWN:  The Platinum End manga is from the mangaka duo of writer Tsugumi Ohba and artist Takeshi Obata.  This acclaimed team also created the controversial Death Note manga and the industry insider manga, Bakuman。.

Platinum End Volume 3 lives up to the promise of this manga being full of surprises, something Vol. 2 suggested.  I hope my summary did not give away too much, but if I did, this edgy, shocking, and even cynical tale will still get to you even if you know its secrets, dear reader.  Once again, this volume is full of gorgeous art by Obata (“the god of drawing”), and it is also full of twisty turns.

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Readers looking for good comic books will want to read Ohba and Obata's latest Shonen Jump title, Platinum End.

9 out of 10

Rating: 9/10

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