Marvel Comics
NYX #05
By Koncise an out :)
December 1, 2004 - 14:20

Writer(s): Joe Quesada
Penciller(s): Robert Teranshi
Inker(s): Nelson & Soto
Cover Artist(s): Joshua Middleton


Can Kiden & Cameron help X-23, or is it harder to walk away from that form of street life! Has Kiden's father got anything else he wants her to do and when will Tatiana come across the other wannabe's!?!

Its funny, with the delays in this book coming out, you'd think that it would be hard to get into it. Guess what though kids, its not! This issue is another absorbing read. With everything Joe has to do, he hasn't lost any of the books voice. The dialogue is a nice fit with the essence of the story.

We start of later in the day and then work back to where the last issue finished and we didn't loss a beat. And the way the rest of the story developed really has you wanting the next issue.

The whole art is fantastic!!! We have a great contrast in colour. At the beginning, when the story is looking at Kidden, X-23 and Cameron, it has a gritty, dark feel to it. When it jumps focus to Tatiana though, things brighten up to reflect her world at that moment. Also, the way the panels are captured, the focus and way we get zoom ins, it helps create an alive piece of work.

Report Card - B

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