Megami DELUXE Volume 1
By Leroy Douresseaux
December 15, 2007 - 10:01

Writer(s): Hirokazu Hisayuki and Sayoko Yokoyama
Penciller(s): Hirokazu Hisayuki and Sayoko Yokoyama
Cover Artist(s): Hirokazu Hisayuki and Sayoko Yokoyama
ISBN: 978-1569708101


A “mook” is a combination magazine and book – more of the former than the latter.  Digital Manga Publishing (DMP), the company behind Juné Manga, recently introduced their first “mook,” DMP Mook Megami DELUXE Volume 1, which is an English language edition of the Japanese “mook,” Megami Magazine DELUXE Volume 5.

“Mook” is perhaps the best way to describe Megami DELUXE Volume 1, as it is really a pin-up book and poster magazine featuring full-page color-illustrations of a bevy of anime’s prettiest wild childs, hot sexy ladies, and sinfully tantalizing teens.  Using the same bright color palette seen in anime, artists such as Hirokazu Hisayuki, Kyuuta Sakai, and Kazuhiro Takamura and their colorists dazzle the fanboy eye with pin-up illustrations of favorite anime girl characters in swimwear, school uniforms, military uniforms, maid costumes, etc.

The subjects of these pin-up drawings are the female stars of several anime, including Ah! My Goddess, Galaxy Angels, Negima!, SHUFFLE!.  The cover feature focuses on the girls of My-HiME and My-OTOME.  Megami DELUXE Volume 1 is page after page of this kind of stuff, certainly to the delight of otaku – obsessive fans of manga and anime.  You don’t have to be an otaku, however, to enjoy the fan service offered here.


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