Kurohime: Volume 8
By Leroy Douresseaux
November 2, 2008 - 09:32

Viz Media
Writer(s): Masanori Ookamigumi Katakura, Joe Yamazaki, Lance Caselman
Penciller(s): Masanori Ookamigumi Katakura
Inker(s): Masanori Ookamigumi Katakura
Letterer(s): Primary Graphix
ISBN: 9781421516370
$7.99 US, $9.50 Canada, 200pp, B&W, paperback

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Rated “T+” for “Older Teen”

The gods punished the legendary witch-gunslinger, Kurohime, because she challenged them.  They punished her for her folly by transforming her into a little girl named Himeko.  The only way Kurohime could regain her original body and powers was to fall in love, and she did – with a highly skilled young gunslinger named Zero, but he died saving her life.  Now, Kurohime must resurrect Zero before she loses all memories of him.

In Kurohime, Vol. 8, Kurohime fights the ogre goddess Saiyûki, but can even the great witch-gunslinger defeat a god?  Even if Kurohime does emerge victorious, waiting in the wings is Yashahime, mistress of the dead, who seeks revenge against Kurohime for killing the love of her life.

THE LOWDOWN:  For a book filled with so much death and destruction, Kurohime is so beautifully drawn.  Behind the murder and mayhem, which is also drawn in a very pleasing eye candy style, are page after page of good girl art.  Sexy young women drawn as eye-popping monsters, outlandishly-garbed marauders, vengeful goddesses, etc., and all are so gorgeously that one might mistake Kurohime for a pin-up book.  Pretty pictures aside, creator Masanori Ookamigumi Katakura’s manga is fun to read, sort of like a wuxia Clash of the Titans.

POSSIBLE AUDIENCE:  As a “Shonen Jump Advanced” title, Kurohime should appeal to young male readers who will like blades, breasts, and bullets; plus, the story gets better with chapter.



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