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Johnny Nemo Vol. 1 (Black & White)
By Leroy Douresseaux
December 30, 2003 - 16:33

Cyberosia Press
Writer(s): Peter Milligan
Penciller(s): Brett Ewins, Steve Dillon
Cover Artist(s): Brett Ewins
ISBN: 0-9709474-8-8

JOHNNY NEMO, VOL. 1 is the first collection of Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins' Johnny Nemo shorts that were published in the 1980's and early 90's in various British comic magazines. Defunct publisher Eclipse Comics actually reprinted some Nemo comics in the mid 80's, but for the most part only fans that were readers then will remember the character. Based on the heat of Milligan's X-STATIX, Cyberosia did the right thing in bringing this seminal British strip back into print.

Milligan has an adroit sense of humor, and he writes comedy, farce, and satire better than anyone in mainstream comics. Johnny Nemo is the precursor of much what Garth Ennis has done in his comics, especially on THE PUNISHER.

Ewins is solid draftsman, one of those guys who make what they are doing look too darn easy, and he is a concise storyteller. He has the kind of cartooning skills that make people seriously consider the artistic merits of cartooning.

This volume's stories are hilarious and entertaining, and the way Milligan plays violence in such an off-handed and darkly humorous way is a treat, especially if you're a comic reader with a sense of humor.


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Johnny Nemo Vol. 1 (Black & White)