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Nick Simmons' Incarnate #3
By Leroy Douresseaux
December 8, 2009 - 12:17

Radical Publishing
Writer(s): Nick Simmons
Penciller(s): Nick Simmons, Nan Kim, Ben Harvey
Inker(s): Matt Dalton
Colourist(s): Dami Digital
Letterer(s): Rob Steen
Cover Artist(s): Jo Chen
$4.99 US, 644pp, Color

Incarnate #3 cover image

Incarnate, the first comic book series from Nick Simmons (of A&E’s reality TV series, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”), comes to an end (well, at least this storyline).  Incarnate, an American manga (also known as “global manga”), is a dark fantasy focusing on Mot, a Revenant.  The Revenants are immortal, ageless creatures of mysterious origins.  Humanity has feared, scorned, and even worshipped them since time immemorial.  A secret military organization and cult called Sanctum has targeted all Revenants from destruction.

Sanctum captured Mot and his Revenant protégé, Connor and imprisoned them at the palatial estate of, Father Vane, Sanctum’s leader.  They were forced to act as bodyguards for Vane’s daughter, Sybil, who developed feelings for Mot after he saves her from a Revenant attack.  Believing that he has sided with Sanctum, Revenant leader Ripley orders an attack on Mot.  As Incarnate #3 begins, Mot has fallen, seemingly mortally wounded, as the battle rages on, while Ripley’s forces move in for the kill.  When all seems lost, a rescue party arrives, and more of Mot’s secrets are revealed.

THE LOWDOWN:  For all that its style and flavor are rooted in manga and anime, Incarnate is decidedly American.  It is a dark fantasy, but visually, the story often plays out like a superhero comic book.  Creator Nick Simmons divides the battle that makes up most of Incarnate #3 into several small skirmishes.  The comics panels and splash pages that depict these fights are big and wide open, recalling Jack Kirby's Fourth World comics or at least the clashes drawn in those big DC and Marvel Comics crossover “Secret-Crisis” event series.

Even Simmons’ animated drawing style and his spacious compositions have a hard time containing Incarnate’s volatile and belligerent storytelling.  Simmons, with assistance from inker, Matt Dalton; art assistants, Nan Kim and Ben Harvey; and colorist, Dami Digital, makes his comic book such a joy to read.  As a creator, Simmons seems uninhibited.  As his reader, I say let her rip and give me more Incarnate!

POSSIBLE AUDIENCE:  Readers looking for edgy dark fantasy will like Incarnate.


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