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Hercules: The Knives of Kush #5
By Leroy Douresseaux
Jan 4, 2010 - 14:35

Radical Publishing
Writer(s): Steve Moore
Penciller(s): Cris Bolson, Manuel Silva, Leonardo Silva
Colourist(s): Doug Sirois, Cliff Cramp
Letterer(s): Todd Klein
Cover Artist(s): Clint Langley
$2.99 US, 28pp, Color

Hercules Knives of Kush #5 Clint Langley cover

Hercules: The Knives of Kush finds Hercules, the son of Zeus, and his mercenary band caught in the middle of Egypt’s civil war.  They are aiding Pharaoh Seti II against his half-brother, Amenmessu (real life historical figures that lived in the 13th and 12th centuries BC), and Khadis, Lord of Lighting (who happens to be a sorceress).

As Hercules: The Knives of Kush #5 opens, Hercules’ still form (struck down at the end of the last issue) remains on the field of battle, so warrior woman, Atalanta the Arcadian rides to the rescue, as she takes on Amenmessu.  But you can’t keep a good warrior wearing a lion’s mane down, as Hercules revives in time to track down Khadis.

THE LOWDOWN:  It could be said that writer Steve Moore has converted the demigod of Greek myth, Hercules (Heracles), into the sword and sorcery Conan the BarbarianHercules: The Knives of Kush reads and looks like Marvel Comics long-running Conan comic books, and this series’ concluding issue does offer plenty of clubs-bashing-heads and sword-in-torso.

The treat is that the second half of issue five offers an aftermath that is some cold-blooded mess.  The art team of Cris Bolson, Manuel Silva, and Leonardo Silva and colorists Doug Sirois and Cliff Cramp are adept at depicting the bloody mayhem of battle.  They are even better at visualizing the story of what happens after war – when political scores are settled and gruesome death penalties are handed down.

POSSIBLE AUDIENCE:  A reader looking not to sate his blood lust, but instead to encourage it will like Hercules: The Knives of Kush.


Featuring two covers from Clint Langley:
Diamond Code – Langley Wraparound cover: SEP090959
Diamond Code – Langley regular cover: SEP090960


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