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Hellbourne #1 comics review
By Leroy Douresseaux
May 11, 2019 - 15:36

Approbation Comics
Writer(s): B. Alex Thompson
Artist(s): Rowel Roque Jethro Morales
Colourist(s): Ronson Edulan
Letterer(s): Krugos
$4.99 U.S. / $1.99 U.S. comiXology, 32pp, Color
Rating: M (Mature)

Hellbourne #1 cover image

Rated: “M” for Mature / 17+ Only – comiXology rating

Hellbourne is an action and horror comic book series.  It is created by B. Alex Thompson and is published by his company, Approbation Comics.  The series focuses on the violence and chaos that ensue when demonic creatures emerge from a large hole in the middle of an urban highway.  The first issue is written by B. Alex Thompson; drawn by Rowel Roque and Jethro Morales; colored by Ronson Edulan; and lettered by Krugos.

Hellbourne #1 opens in an unnamed city, where, on a major highway, there is an enormous hole.  No one knows what caused this hole, but city workers investigating the hole become snacks for the creatures that emerge.  It seems that Earth is about to turned into Abaddon, the Tenth Circle of Hell.

Now, an angel and a demon, both leading their respective charges, find that being on Earth gives each of them that familiar feeling.  Even the U.S. Army has difficulty fighting this demonic invasion.  And how do Justin Foster and his younger sister, Amber, fit into all this?

THE LOWDOWN:  First, I have to say that I really like the art team of Rowel Roque and Jethro Morales.  This duo's Hellbourne work is quite polished, and they could certainly draw for one of Diamond Distributors' premiere publishers.  Their storytelling here is good, and Ronson Edulan's pretty coloring creates shifting moods and changes in atmosphere that heighten the drama of the story.

I am intrigued by the premise B. Alex Thompson offers in Hellbourne.  However, as always, his vibrant character writing makes this worth reading.  Thompson has been writing bold, non-super-powered female characters for two decades, but because Thompson is not a fan-favorite comic book writer, he does not get credit for that.  Still, the proof is in his delicious flavors of Approbation pudding.

Well, Hellbourne is a good place to discover Thompson's engaging characters.  And there looks to be some excellent hell-born hellraisin' fun to be had with this series.

POSSIBLE AUDIENCE:  Fans of action-horror will want to try Hellbourne.

8.5 out of 10

Buy Hellbourne #1 at comiXology.

Rating: 8.5/10

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