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Ectyron: Rise of Nemehiss comics review
By Leroy Douresseaux
July 31, 2019 - 05:15

Candle Light Press
Writer(s): Carter Allen, John Ira Thomas
Artist(s): Carter Allen
$5.00 U.S, 28pp, Color, paperback

Ectyron: Rise of Nemehiss cover image

Ectyron: Rise of Nemehiss is a 2018 comic book published by Candle Light Press (CLP).  It is written by CLP stalwarts Carter Allen (plot) and John Ira Thomas (script/letters) and drawn by Allen.  This comic book focuses on Ectyron, a giant-sized chicken that battles monsters known as “kaiju.”  This term is used to describe a genre of Japanese films that feature giant monsters, and the term is also used to describe the giant monsters themselves.  [Godzilla is an example of a kaiju.]

Ectyron: Rise of Nemehiss opens in South Chippewa Basin, Lake Michigan.  The USCGS Narcissus, a shallow water submarine, has been chasing a sonar shadow that suddenly changes from shadow to monster.  Meanwhile at “Sustenatione Stabilitas Base” in the Great Basin Desert, kaiju fighter Jake is working on the latest kaiju-fighting vehicle.  “Tonnerre Blue,” a “suborbital hopper” that can transport and fight in the battle against the kaiju.

Jake and his colleague, Iowa, will need this new kaiju-fighting tech when the giant-goose kaiju, known as Nemehiss, terrorizes a small Minnesota town.  The kaiju fighters will also need all the help they can get... from Ectyron!

THE LOWDOWN:  Ectyron: Rise of Nemehiss, like the previous Ectyron Against Lagaxtu, is the kind of monster comic that writer, artist, cartoonist, designer, and graphic novelist, Carter Allen does so well.  His Gozilla-sized creations, which includes monsters, beasts, machines, contraptions, and heroes, are pure comic book fun.

The Ectyron series offers big monster fun told with big illustrations and graphics.  John Ira Thomas' dry humor adds a nice touch, and his dialogue, as polished as the kind you would find in a screenplay for a big Hollywood event movie, helps the readers take the action seriously.  Ectyron: Rise of Nemehiss is both monster comic book and sci-tech action adventure.

The truth is that readers get a little more than they expect from Ectyron: Rise of Nemehiss.  In fact, they get enough to want more.  Plus, the back cover features another delightful Will Grant full-color illustration.  [Since the publication of Ectyron: Rise of Nemehiss, CLP has published a third Ectyron comic book.]

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Readers hungry for kaiju comic books will want Ectyron: Rise of Nemehiss.

8.5 out of 10

Rating: 8.5/10

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