Fire Punch: Volume 6 manga review
By Leroy Douresseaux
May 3, 2019 - 5:45

Viz Media
Writer(s): Tatsuki Fujimoto, Christine Dashiell
Artist(s): Tatsuki Fujimoto
Letterer(s): Snir Aharon
Rating: M (Mature)

Fire Punch Graphic Novel Volume 6 cover image

Rated “M” for “Mature”

Agni lives on a frozen Earth cursed by “the Ice Witch.”  He and his sister, Luna, are also among those known as “The Blessed,” people born with abilities to perform miracles.  Some of “The Blessed” are unfriendly, like the man called “Doma.”  He is blessed with the power of fire, which he uses to destroy Agni and Luna's village and to kill Luna.  Doma engulfs Agni, who has regenerative powers, in a flame that will never extinguish.  Now, Agni is “Fire Punch,” a walking man of flame, seeking revenge.

As Fire Punch, Vol. 6 (Chapters 50 to 60) opens, everyone associated with Agni is dead.  Now, he is reduced to punching a giant, monstrous tree that the Ice Witch created from the sacrifice of Judah, a soldier who was also a Blessed.  In the remains of the tree, Agni experiences an intense reunion, but the next group of people who encounter him are wary or him.  But they want Agni to kill a hated enemy, the destroyer known as “Fire Punch.”

THE LOWDOWN:  The Fire Punch manga is full of surprises and continues to offer change.  Now, this tough-minded, dystopian thriller goes in another unexpected direction.

Fire Punch Graphic Novel Volume 6 introduces a new cast of people who offer sanctuary to Agni/Fire Punch.  I must admit that it is jarring that so many regulars are suddenly dead, but I like how this series can shock in the must subtle and quiet ways.  Yes, the shocks are quite shocking, but everything is conveyed in a drawing style that seems so sedate.

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Readers looking for dystopian science fiction manga will want to try VIZ Signature's Fire Punch.

8 out of 10

Rating: 8/10

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