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Richard Sala's Evil Eye #11
By Leroy Douresseaux
February 20, 2004 - 13:14

Fantagraphics Books
Writer(s): Richard Sala
Penciller(s): Richard Sala
Cover Artist(s): Richard Sala
Rating: M (Mature)

EVIL EYE #11 features the penultimate chapter of Richard Sala's serial, "Reflection in a Glass Scorpion." Even if you've never read an earlier chapter (as is the case with me), you'll have an easy time getting into this moody and entertaining tale of the quest for youth gone bad. Sala's woodcut inspired art has earned him fans for several years, but his total package as a cartoonist has earned him a new fan in me. I think of Tim Burton's art and the curious Gothic fairy tale atmosphere of some of Burton's better films when I see Sala's art. Sala and Burton do share one thing in common. In a design sense, their art is like something from a children's book, except these are fair tales for the grown folks, and Sala superbly weaves his unique vision into a successful comic book. Sala's milieu is both comfortably and unsettlingly familiar. It is the darkness and a dark voice calling us to something that is scary, but oh so attractive.


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