DC Comics
Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre # 2 (of 3)
By Koppy McFad
July 8, 2006 - 02:07

DC Comics
Writer(s): Will Pfeifer
Penciller(s): Cliff Chiang
Inker(s): Cliff Chiang
Cover Artist(s): Cliff Chiang

The new host of the Spectre, murdered detective Crispus Allen discovers there are limitations to the Spectre's god-like powers. In an almost-comedic scene, he learns that he cannot prevent someone from being murdered but he can punish the murderer immediately afterwards. But the ways of (the wrath of) God seem to be beyond his understanding. Some people he can punish, others, he cannot. And even as he ponders his fate, Allen's family seems headed for tragedy. The story is interesting and Chiang's art gives an eerie feel of urban alienation to the tale but it is doubtful this kind of comic could survive on a regular basis. It is too talky and leaves too many questions unanswered. At least Ostrander's previous SPECTRE comic balanced the metaphysics with action and suspense.

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