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Bigs and Tiny: A New Superhero Bromance – Buddy Comedy
By Hervé St-Louis
June 8, 2020 - 23:46

Black Box Comics
Writer(s): Ramel Hill
Artist(s): Federico Sabbatini
Colourist(s): Andrea Celestini
Letterer(s): Ed Dukeshire

Bigs and Tiny is a comic book series first offered through a Kickstarter campaign funded in the fall 2019 about Tiny a small guy who gets stronger the shorter he is and Bigs, a 6’5 tall guy who becomes so smart that he ca use his brain to create new super powers for himself. When each are captured and experimented on, chaos ensues, and the two former strangers work together to solve the mystery of a crime syndicate in New York City. Bigs and Tiny was created by BlackBox Comicx publisher Dimitrios Zaharakis. The initial Kickstarter campaign allowed Dimitrios and his team to publish the first issue of the comic in September 2019 before continuing the series through comic book direct market. A reissue of issue one should hit the market this June 2020.

While Dimitrios is the creator, Ramel Hill and Federico Sabbatini handle the script and the art. If you missed out on the initial Kickstarter release, now’s your chance to have a good laugh with this new comic series.

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