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Chaotic Now a Mashed Up Comic Strip
By The Editor
December 31, 2008 - 07:04

A new activity for fans of “Chaotic” (the Saturday morning TV series and top-selling trading card game), or anyone with a great imagination, is to go online at and create personalized e-cards and comic strips– all for free!

Using characters and artwork from Chaotic and the MashON Creator, fans can engage with their favorite characters like Maxxor, Chaor and Lord Van Bloot to tell their own, unique, personalized story and combat the winter “blahs.”

It’s fun, free and easy. E-cards and comic strips are put together with a click of the mouse and final creations can be kept private or easily shared with family and friends through e-mail, the Web or on a favourite social network – anywhere you can embed the link.

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