DC Comics
Checkmate # 6
By KoppyMcFad
September 30, 2006 - 02:55

DC Comics
Writer(s): Greg Rucka, Nunzio de Filippis, Christina Weir
Penciller(s): Jesus Saiz
Cover Artist(s): Jesus Saiz


The Suicide Squad returns as various former members are recruited for a controversial mission in Myanmar. A long-dead character is mysteriously brought back, some new additions are made to the group but true to the Suicide Squad tradition, the mission starts to go horribly wrong. The creative team behind "CHECKMATE" is trying to combine geopolitical drama and espionage with superheroics and it isn't always a good fit. This book is set in the center of the DC universe but at times, it looks like they are forcing characters from other DC titles into this title with awkward results. The writer shows respect for continuity by referencing past comics but it still looks too abrupt for someone like Plastique to suddenly be inducted into the Squad-- especially since she is suppose to be married to Captain Atom! The dialogue is first-rate in such scenes as the debate over Myanmar or the verbal baiting between the supervillains. The art also plays up the mood of intrigue and hidden menace. But despite the obvious skill of the creative team, it is hard to get into this book. Too many characters seem unsympathetic and disposable and the whole structure of the Checkmate organization itself is too confusing. This book is proof that a comic can be well-written and well-drawn but can still fail at being entertaining.

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