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Brian Woods Gives Away Chanel Zero Design Book
By The Editor
January 31, 2008 - 05:28

Brian Wood Announces ‘Public Domain’ Rights Reversion and Free Download

Brian Wood announced yesterday the immediate and full reversion of publishing and other media rights for the Channel Zero design book Public Domain.

First published in 2002 by AIT/Planet Lar, Public Domain is a collection of extras generated in 1996-98 during the creation of Wood’s first graphic novel Channel Zero.  Consisting of unused pages, character designs, short stories, photography, and illustration, Public Domain is 145 pages of black and white artwork that is now available as a free PDF download here:

“This book is low res, rough and grainy, created mostly with ink, a photocopier, and a glue stick”, Brian Wood said.  “I love it, it’s a look back to my time in art school before I owned a computer and I made mini comics and zines by hand.  I’m a big process junkie so I was happy to assemble this material in the first place, and even happier now to make it widely available online.”

Channel Zero and Channel Zero: Jennie One (with artist Becky Cloonan) is still in print and orderable via your local comic book shop and through online shops.

Brian Wood is currently writing DMZ and Northlanders for DC/Vertigo, The New York Four for DC/Minx and Local for Oni Press.  He can be found at


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Brian Woods Gives Away Chanel Zero Design Book