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Bluefin Announces "Star Wars" Father's Day Sale
By Leroy Douresseaux
June 13, 2019 - 16:33

Bluefin and Bandai's "Star Wars: I Am Your Father's Day" campaign banner


Online Promotion Offers A Comprehensive Collection Of High Detail Action Figures And Model Kits From Tamashii Nations And Bandai Spirits Hobby

Leading collectibles distributor Bluefin, a Bandai Namco group company and the leading North American distributor of toys, collectibles, and hobby merchandise from Japan and Asia, celebrates Star Wars and extends appreciation to dads everywhere with a special Star Wars Father’s Day Sale.

The sale is running online now for a limited time exclusively at:

The Bluefin Star Wars Father’s Day Sale features special pricing on scores of highly detailed Star Wars Scale Character Model Kits and Vehicle Model kits from Bandai Spirits Hobby and a special Star Wars Meisho Movie Realization action figure “Father & Son” bundle from Tamashii Nations that features interstellar bounty hunter Boba Fett and his father, Jango Fett.

Tamashii Nation’s Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars line pays homage to the Samurai aesthetic and artfully reimagines iconic Empire characters from the legendary films with feudal-style Japanese armor and weaponry.

Notable Tamashii Nations bundle for the Star Wars Father’s Day Sale includes:

Star Wars Father's Day Mandalorian Bundle – Price: $125.00

Boba Fett continues the Family Business of Ronin Bounty Hunter. He is so much like his dad, Jango, you think he was his Clone! The 2-figure set includes Tamashii Nation’s Ronin Jango Fett "Star Wars", Bandai Meisho Movie Realization figure and the Boba Fett "Star Wars,” Bandai Meisho Movie Realization figure.

Bandai Spirits Hobby Star Wars Father’s Day Bundles:

Bandai Hobby is renowned for high-quality model kits that blend complex detail and innovative construction that fans of all skill levels can enjoy. The kits in the Star Wars Character and Vehicle Lines require no glue and color injection molding reduces or even eliminates the need for paint.

Star Wars Father's Day Stormtrooper Bundle – Price $68.00

“It’s Take Your Kid to Work” day in the Empire, and this little Trooper is going help their Dad on the Death Star! Bundle contains 1/6 Scale Bandai Hobby Star Wars Character Stormtrooper and a smaller 1/12 Scale Bandai Hobby Star Wars Character Stormtrooper.

Star Wars Father's Day Shadowtrooper Bundle – Price $68.00

“Take Your Kid to Work” continues across the Empire with a special pair of Shadowtroopers. Bundle includes 1/6 Scale Bandai Hobby Shadow Stormtrooper and 1/12 Scale Bandai Hobby Shadow Stormtrooper from the Star Wars Character Line.

Additional notable bundled kits and other items include:

Star Wars Father's Day Tie Fighter & X-Wing Vehicle Bundle – Price $36.00

The perfect vehicles for a Father Son Race down the Death Star Trench. Bundle contains Tie Fighter Advanced 1/72 Scale Plastic Model and 1/72 Scale Star Wars X-Wing model kits.

Star Wars Father's Day AT-AT, AT-ST Bundle – Price $50.00

AT-AT out for a hike with his little Scout and they are going to cover All Terrains! Bundle includes 1/144 Scale Star Wars AT-AT and 1/148 Scale Star Wars AT-ST model kits.

Bandai Chogokin x12 R2-D2 Star Wars: A New Hope Diecast Figure – Price $200.00

A dream collaboration between Star Wars and Bandai Chogokin. This accurately detailed diecast rendering of the famed Astromech R2-D2 droid stands 7 inches tall and weighs over 2 pounds! Hatches open to reveal manipulator arms and the droid can transform between bipedal and tri-pedal modes, and features 8 LEDs to capture R2-D2's trademark expressions.

A wide array of additional Star Wars Character and Vehicle scale model kits are available for the Star Wars Father’s Day Sale. These include 1/6 and 1/12 scale kits for scores of iconic characters as well as a variety of beloved vehicles and space ships.

Visit for the complete selection of Star Wars products.

About Bluefin
Bluefin is a leading master and channel distributor of Japanese toys, collectibles, novelty and hobby products. The company’s extensive product line features a diverse and continually expanding catalog of high quality and popular collectibles from Asia. As a Bandai Namco group company, Bluefin distributes products in the U.S. for Bandai Tamashii Nations, Hobby and Shokugan. The company’s array of brand offerings also includes products from Storm Collectibles, Mr. Hobby/GSI, SEN-TI-NEL and Flame Toys, for which the company is the North American exclusive distributor. Bluefin is also the official North American consumer products and retail development partner for Studio Ghibli. Additional company information is available at:

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