The Bin May Shutdown in Protest of SOPA on January 18th 2012
By Hervé St-Louis
January 15, 2012 - 08:44

Not sure how to do this, mostly what to replace our home page with, but I'm seriously thinking about shutting Comic Book Bin on January 18th 2012 in protest of SOPA. There's some mechanics involved to figure out what to put instead. Will keep you posted.

On a similar note, the Obama administration has come out against SOPA - huh kinda. They never mentioned SOPA. Rupert Murdoch already started tweeting against Obama. Is Obama risking his Hollywood support over SOPA? Unlikely. Murdoch is just making noise and proving how out of touch he really is. He thinks the right to censor in the name of piracy is bigger than the freedom of speech. I'd like to know what Murdoch has ever created? I mean he's all over copyrights protection and stuff, but what substantial piece of copyrighted contents has he ever created? All the copyrights he fights to "protect" were generated by other people to shore up his media empire. That's the problem with the media moguls that scream for stricter copyrights laws. They reap the benefits from other people's work and have continually abused other people's copyrights along the way.

Anyway, the word on where Obama stands on SOPA is quite confusing. Some could say he's against it, like Murdoch. Some could say he's not gonna veto it and would let it pass.

Instead, Obama calls for all parties to meet and discuss a rosy future where everyone can get along. "Why can't we just all be friends?" President Obama is gonna have to make some serious decisions soon and start pissing off some people more than others. His position on SOPA and PIPA is ambiguous and could be read in any way.

Not really helpful in the end.

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