Short URL Screw Up After Moving From Go Daddy
By Hervé St-Louis
January 8, 2012 - 22:46

If you were on Twitter recently, trying to click on one of our links featuring a Comic Book Bin article, you may have ended up with a broken link. Yeah, that's my fault and I'm in the process of fixing things.

Following the boycott of Go Daddy, caused by their initial support of SOPA, I decided to move the short URL we use for the Bin -

I think it's a cool domain name that captures who we are in less space. I though everything was working well and that the service I use to enable this short domain name would work properly.

Well, during the transition from Go Daddy, there were some hic ups through no fault of Go Daddy or the new registrar. I just screw things on my own. So for the last two weeks, no links on Twitter worked. Sorry about that.

Links work now, although we don,t use for now. When I've finally propagated the new DNS settings, and tested thoroughly, I'll use it again for our Twitter account.

cheers and happy new year

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