Where Have I Been?
By Hervé St-Louis
July 19, 2011 - 21:16

The guys from the Shuster Awards whom think the Bin is too controversial said it best when they saw me at the last Calgary ComicCon in June. I'm so busy I can't get into any trouble.

To be honest, these days I haven't a clue about what's going on with the world of comic books. I've been off the grid busy with life all all over the world. I'm so busy that I missed my own convocation for my Master's thesis. While I was supposed to convocate, I was somewhere in Silicon Valley, working on the future of The Comic Book Bin and personal stuff too.

Last few months have been crazy, so crazy that I've had to pause the various updates to all the ComicBookBin apps. Two of them should have been ready by this year's San Diego Comic Con, but I haven't had any time to see them through.

Speaking of San Diego Comic Con, I believe it's being held this week. Yes it's that bad. I have no clue about anything, but working and travelling so hard around the world - working on the future of the Bin and much more stuff.

It's been fun and as always, I'm lucky to be the behind the scene guy for such an upstanding team. There was a time where if I even tried to get off the Bin's grid for a few days, you could see the effects.Now, I'm able to take off for over a month and the Bin keeps on delivering to visitors smoothly.

Many of you may not realize the amount of work involved in a site like the Bin. That every thing and everyone just work smoothly is almost a magic act.

I've got a couple of cool article to write too, related to my travels abroad. I took some time to check out some local comic book scenes. I have much to write about that.

Stay tooned

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