Let's Talk Platforms
By Hervé St-Louis
September 13, 2010 - 21:00

App developers break or make platforms. Carriers, phone subscribers, vendors and a host of people rely on us to pick the brightest and best platforms and makes apps for them. We're king makers, and it's up to us to have the right insight to make our apps available for news mobile platforms.

Having developed for two of the best and most dynamic mobile OS, iOS and webOS and completing the work for another remarkable OS, Android, the question is where do we go next?

What other platform should we port the ComicBookBin app to? There are other great mobile platforms out there. I can name three good ones that have the required support and environment to host a ComicBookBin app.

But it's hard to pick where to go next.

Some developers stick with only one platform. It works for them. I think it's a mistake, but what do I know. Expanding to multiple platforms is a real challenge and costly. There's no universal roadmap and neither do I want one after having worked closely on three mobile platform in the last months.

Each of them has strengths and weaknesses. Each has its own way of doing things. I like that. I like that our ComicBookBin apps look different on each platforms. I like that that on Android, it's a ll on a black background. I like that on iOS it's all on a white background. I like that on webOS the menu is at the bottom and uses different icons! It's super cool.

I find those other OS interface appealing and enticing. I like the flexibility and the challenges they offer. I can already imagining myself tinkering with them to pull out the best from them as I have done for iOS, webOS and Android. I'm also much better at making apps too now. Much, much much better.

So I turn to you guys. What mobile platform should ComicBookBin be ported to next?

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