Comics, Action Figures and Boxing Day
By Hervé St-Louis
December 23, 2009 - 13:26

The comic store I go to is on the university campus and so it will be shut for the entire Christmas and New Year period along with all of the facilities. That's not very practical, I would say but then there are few comics coming up during the holiday week anyway. In Canada we have Boxing Day on December 26. That's when we return all gifts we don't want and get super discount on stock that wasn't sold for Christmas. A few comic book stores have begun offering Boxing Day specials too, although they are rare.

For Boxing Day, they are a quite a few action figures that I haven't found time to get that I'd like to find. The cool JSA action figures from DC Direct are some of them. I haven't been up to date on the Hasbro Marvel Legends stuff and that's something else I'll be looking into. If I could find some Avatar action figures, that would be cool too.

So in Canada, we don't wait for Santa to deliver toys. We wait for Boxing Day.

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Comics, Action Figures and Boxing Day
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