Marvel Comics
Amazing Spider-man #532
By Hervé St.Louis
July 23, 2006 - 07:20

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Michael Straczynski
Penciller(s): Ron Garney
Inker(s): Bill Reinhold

Cover of the second print
It’s the story of how Spider-man came to decision to reveal the world that he was really the Daily Bugle’s Peter Parker. It was a personal decision taken with his entire family consisting of his aunt May and wife Mary Jane Watson. It also shows how Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man and Peter Parker’s new boss convinced him to back him up with the new super hero registration act.

It’s a personal story where we see how much a manipulator Tony Stark is and the amount of influence he has. It paints Tony Stark as a dark person. Although he is a hero, it’s entertaining to think that heroes are not virtuous and perfect and that they have faults. Peter Parker has never looked so easy to influence. Peter Parker has signed a Faustian deal with Tony Stark and it will be interesting to see how he escapes from it.

The artwork is fine, although been new to this series. Garney captures emotions well and although his work is better suited for super hero material, his handling of regular folks works. Marvel has had to add a second printing to this issue.


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