Marvel Comics
The Amazing Spider-Man #700 Review
By Alexander Jones
December 24, 2012 - 21:53

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Dan Slott, J.M. DeMatteis, Jen Van Meter
Penciller(s): Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stephanie Buscema
Inker(s): Victor Olazaba, Sal Buscema
Colourist(s): Edgar Delgado, Antonio Fabela
$4.99 US


There is a reason that Dan Slott, the current writer of Amazing Spider-Man, has received death threats from fans. Fans that have been following the title for the last few issues could have seen this issue coming. Therefore what particularly matters at the end of the day is the execution of Amazing Spider-Man 700. Unfortunately this is where the issue falters. Humberto Ramos is not doing Spider-Man any favors. Ramos makes the issue forgettable dry and dull. Slott’s script is not up to par either. The classic example is when Peter goes to the dream world amongst the dead and meets Uncle Ben. This scene does not feel deserved or earned in the slightest. When looking at the Spider-Man artists that have touched the book in the past with greatness, Humberto Ramos does not meet the high quality standards of The Amazing Spider-Man art that came before him. On top of most scenes feeling awkward and strange this issue feels ominous. The darker undertones do not suit the book at all. The darker moments of the older Amazing Spider-Man issues such as Gwen’s death were earned by intense build up of the characters. Characters in this story do not play prominent roles. The issue itself is so plot heavy that there is no real reason to pick up the next issue.

Anti-Heroes are something that artistic media often explores. Being in the middle of an anti-hero and the legacy of Spider-Man will not entice readers long term. This is the real issue of Dan Slott’s tenure on the book. Readers are going to lose interest in a Spider-Man that they cannot relate  to or like at all. In this comic the reader will grow tired of seeing how Spider-Man will now treat characters like Mary Jane or Aunt May. Seeing how Spider-Man was rude to the few members of the Horizon Labs that have always been nice and stood up for him was hard to bear.

Jan Van Meter and J.M. DeMatteis both had some cute stories. Both stories lacked any sort of real substance and still make the issue feel nothing but hollow. The art duties on Meter’s story were tackled in a very interesting fashion by Stephanie Buscema. Unfortunately art duties on DeMatteis’s story are tackled by Giuseppe Camuncoli. Camuncoli is copying Humberto Ramos which make his pencils feel desolate and amature. The Spectacular Spider-Man has a lot to prove in the coming months. Although this review is harsh I still wish Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman best of luck on The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Rating: 4/10

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